Leadership Summit for Women – “a shared space for the diverse voices of women”

To help more women become leaders in my community, I pledge to lead by example, and engage locally with my community.

ImageHosted at Hamilton City Hall with close to 200 women and men in attendance. The Leadership Summit for Women included Keynote speakers Anne Decter, and Linda McQuaig. Social tweets were encouraged and displayed for the panel and speakers to see and address at anytime during the day.

The morning panel discussed the strides women have made within patriarchal system of education, athletics, social services including the changing maternal face of the stay at home parent. They also addressed the F* word. (feminist)

A series of workshops I was able to attend were: The Unseen Leader – facilitated Laura Cattarti and Sophia Chohan. We shared in discussions of unsung hero’s or behind the scene women who motivate and supports others. It is important to note that both these women are unseen leaders who are stepping forward into their own spotlight with each stride they take daily.

Public Speaking and Debate – facilitated by Laura Babcock . We learned to “land on that Aircraft Carrier” and loose that up note we as women tend to get when we are really passionate about something. I also relearned a valuable point about communication between the sexes. Men are all about the bottom line, facts and too the point. Women need an emotional connection and tend to link points with analogies, and references.

It is very clear to all who attended, it was an engaging opportunity to discuss, network, yet most importantly exchange valuable ideas among a truly diverse group of talented professionals. When we all were able regroup, everyone pledged a personalized commitment as to how we could remain, or become role models or leaders to our communities. I have shared my pledge with this post. Thank you ladies and men who shared a Saturday to reach back through the glass ceiling and show support. The F* word is not my mothers dirty word anymore. A Feminist takes on many forms, genders and possibilities

Simply Background

Ann Decter – A passionate feminist. Director of Advocacy and Public Policy research and policy development for YWCA Canada. She is co-author of “Work Isn’t Working for Ontario Families”, which helped lay the foundation for Toronto’s Good Green Jobs Coalition. Ann has deep roots in feminist publishing, developing ground-breaking titles and representing Canada internationally.

Linda McQuaig – Award winning, and acclaimed Journalist and best-selling author Linda has developed a reputation for challenging the establishment. She is author of nine books on politics and economics – including six national bestsellers – such as “Shooting the Hippo”. Her most recent book, co-authored with Neil Brooks, is The Trouble With Billionaires.

Simply Connected

I met some very inspirational women and I would like to share with you links to who they are.

Dawn– can be found by following http://dsafire.net. I have come to know Dawn a little better since. She is a fantastic person of whom I respect for her unwavering strength, intelligence and ability to be confident in truth of her opinion.

Ume – works for Interval House of Hamilton. Currently as a Legal Advocate she is bringing attention to women in their workplace about Bill 138. Ume is a strong speaker, with passion and drive to bring awareness that violence affects a women abilities in the workplace and employers need to step it up!

Simply Facts 

  • 20% of Canadian tenured professors are Women.
  • 5 women hold dominate and significant Federal Leadership roles in Canada
  • In 2008, women were awarded 60.0% of degrees, diplomas or certificates from Canadian universities. (it is important to note. Men are not failing more. More women are enrolling and graduating faster)
  • Women in Canada earned 34.5% of MBA in 2010-2011
  • Working Moms still earn less than their non-familial peers, but their responsibilities have increased despite having support. **

Simply Links

*Facts from The Catalyst.

**CBC: Article on Working Moms

Women in Poverty



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